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SVG symbol colors are editable!

Music (SVG)
Basic (SVG)
Flow Chart (SVG)
Network (scalable)
Web (SVG)
Misc (SVG)
Material Design 1 (SVG)
Material Design 2 (SVG)
Material Design 3 (SVG)
Material Design 4 (SVG)
Material Design 5 (SVG)
Material Design 6 (SVG)
Material Design 7 (SVG)
Material Design 8 (SVG)
Material Design 9 (SVG)
Material Design 10 (SVG)
Desktop Icons
Oxygen Icons
Gnome Desktop
AWS Icons
Font Awesome 1 (SVG)
Font Awesome 2 (SVG)
Font Awesome 3 (SVG)


Not making an animation? Tip: If you are making static images/charts you can use the Add frame button to save versions/iterations of your work.

ToonZoom Animate is a free web based animation app with tons of features. It helps you turn your artwork into 2D cartoons, animated / non-animated diagrams, GIFs, flow charts, stop motion, flip book and claymation style animated video shorts, slide shows and many other things.

You can use ToonZoom Animate to make storyboards, web comics and other static images. Just upload your graphics, position them, then click the snapshot button. It's a great alternative to apps like draw.io and Gliffy with the added benefit that you can make charts and diagrams that move!

Getting started is easy. Just upload images and sounds or choose a symbol from the symbol library then move it around on the stage as you create frames. When you are done, render to video or use a screen capture program to grab a video of your creation. Be sure to submit it to the world and to ToonZoom so I can feature it!


Learn the basics of 2D animation. Make GIFs, cartoons, charts, network diagrams, guitar TABs, sheet music and more!

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Make something?
I'll feature it!